Myths about thread braces
What myths have been formed in the field of filament technology since 2014. In 2017, time accelerated, almost all articles and scientific and practical materials contained the words “innovative” and…

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Peptides in Acne Therapy
for more than a century, amino acid sequences are of interest to scientists. Peptide regulation is spoken in a wide variety of variations. Peptides are used in biochemistry and cosmeceuticals,…

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Six for Sex: 6 points of lip sexuality
Each representative of the fair sex considers lips to be the most important part of the face and image as a whole, so this area is given so much attention…

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systemic infections

How long does swelling last after dental implants?

So, the implantation is over! Anxiety and excitement behind, and now, finally, the patient looks at himself in the mirror. As a rule, a new perfect smile causes a feeling of pride and surprise.

However, you should not relax: in front of you is a rather difficult and responsible period that you need to go through, strictly observing the doctor’s recommendations. Like any surgery, implantation is a traumatic medical procedure to which the body responds with pain, swelling, fever and hemorrhage.

Let’s talk how to cope with these phenomena and survive the post-implantation period as carefully as possible in relation to our health. Continue reading

What to consider when choosing a microneedle fractional RF device

The issue of informed choice of equipment is an urgent problem for managers and organizers of the medical business. It is necessary to take into account many aspects, including demand, profitability of procedures, qualifications of doctors, real technical characteristics of devices, especially location and specialization of the institution.

The most optimal in many areas of cosmetology and related fields is the use of a microneedle fractional RF apparatus Scarlet (VIOL, South Korea).

The Scarlet device is considered a generally accepted international standard and occupies a leading position in the ranking of demand among fractional invasive techniques.

The absence of such a highly effective procedure in a cosmetology clinic can cause bewilderment among customers and negatively affect the reputation of the institution.

Therefore, the feasibility of investing in a Scarlet microneedle fractional RF device does not raise questions. Continue reading

Better to see once! The importance of real-time visual control for a cosmetologist

What gives the cosmetologist real-time visualization when working with micro-focused ultrasound? Why is it important?
We often mark important milestones that the aesthetic medicine industry is breaking through. It happens as if imperceptibly, because during daily work we do not notice how time flies. It would seem that just a couple of years ago the technology of micro-focused ultrasound appeared, but in fact it happened more than 10 years ago! For cosmetology, this is a particularly important period – it is after 10 years of “life” in the market that we can say that the
technique can be considered truly safe, standard and approved without any “buts”. We talked with Irina Continue reading

Benefits of the New REVI Prolonged Biorevitalizants
What can be considered an indicator of the success of the manufacturing company, if we ignore the large volumes of sales and the success of the business plan? No matter…


Sunny Vitamin. What scientists hide
Vitamin D is conditionally assigned to the group of vitamins, in fact it is a fat-soluble prohormonal steroid that is involved in endocrine, paracrine and autocrine regulation [Vanchinathan, Lim 2012].…


A smile, like in a movie! Veneers
But did you know that all Hollywood smiles were made not in movie studios, but in a dental chair? Moreover, the veneers were invented by a dentist from Hollywood specifically…


Post-acne scar removal with a CO2 laser: a clinical case
The article discusses the clinical case of a patient who underwent successful treatment of post-acne scars with laser exposure to DOT and DROT therapy. VKontakteFacebookTwitter Atrophic acne scars are not…