Six for Sex: 6 points of lip sexuality
Each representative of the fair sex considers lips to be the most important part of the face and image as a whole, so this area is given so much attention…

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Take yourself off the needle of male approval
Marketers diligently calculate and verify the ideal figure and parameters, who she is this ideal cosmetologist patient. She is skiing at Chamonix (Chamonix), she is from 18 to 45, likes…

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How to choose a used machine?
Used or used equipment has long and successfully been sold on the Russian cosmetic market. What reasons motivate you to buy used equipment, what to look for when buying it,…

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Revitalizing Autumn Treatments

With the advent of autumn, we all rush to the offices of cosmetologists to solve the aesthetic problems acquired during the holiday season. We’ll talk about this.
First of all, facial skin suffers from excessive insolation and salt water. It becomes dry, small wrinkles, age spots appear. In addition, many suffer from acne, enlarged pores, and bumps in the skin, as the sun’s rays activate hypersecretion of sebum. We also recall the sunscreens, which so often clog pores and provoke Continue reading

Dentist – beautician of your smile

A dentist is a kind of beautician smile. An individual program of prevention, hygiene and dental treatment is a question that can only be entrusted to a doctor. After all, beautiful teeth are, first of all, healthy teeth.
Modern aesthetic standards of how a person should look, make us carefully monitor the condition of hair, nails, skin and, of course, teeth. Many rely entirely on the advice of friends, acquaintances and recipes of Continue reading

Children’s dentistry

Now you will not surprise anyone with the postulate that the health of our children is largely dependent on the condition of their teeth. After all, it affects the digestive and respiratory systems, psychological comfort and confidence of the child, and much more.

Fortunately, our children are luckier than us at their age. And today we can forever forget about the “miracles of Soviet dentistry” and boldly send our offspring to the “dental” doctor. After all, modern, high-quality, and most importantly timely treatment allows you to avoid a lot of problems. For professionals working in the VID Clinic, pediatric dentistry is responsible and very grateful to

governing body. We strive to do our best to ensure that our little patients, growing up, come to us only then, to once again boast of a perfect happy smile.

As you know, any treatment is a consequence of untimely prevention. Children’s dentists at the VID Clinic Continue reading

A smile, like in a movie! Veneers

But did you know that all Hollywood smiles were made not in movie studios, but in a dental chair? Moreover, the veneers were invented by a dentist from Hollywood specifically for the movie. Initially, they were made of plastic and worn specifically for filming. And only the latest technology allowed to create ceramic veneers and stick them on composite cements for many years. We talked about one of the latest achievements of modern dental science with the head physician of the Vid dental clinic Irina Strukova.

– Irina Albertovna, tell us about what veneers are?

– Veneers are the thinnest ceramic facing plates (the thickness of a piece of thick paper) that are attached to the front of the front teeth with the help of special cement. Veneers are commonly used to improve the appearance of teeth that are partially discolored, frayed, chipped, or in the wrong position.

– Thin – means fragile? Continue reading

Wear it with pride!

Sergey and Irina Chikunov spoke about the importance of an integrated approach, high-quality diagnosis, how headaches relate to teeth, how veneers differ and how to find a doctor.

Sergey Olegovich Chikunov – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head Doctor of the Clinic Art Oral, Moscow.

Irina Albertovna Chikunova – dentist-orthodontist, head doctor of the innovation center for dentistry and cosmetology “VID”, Rostov-on-Don. Continue reading

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