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Take yourself off the needle of male approval

Marketers diligently calculate and verify the ideal figure and parameters, who she is this ideal cosmetologist patient. She is skiing at Chamonix (Chamonix), she is from 18 to 45, likes to watch the series “White Collars”, or maybe she is a lawyer? No, wait, she’s 23 and she’s an installer, avoids gluten and wears eco-fur.

A whole successful generation of girls has grown up and a real marketing hunt has been announced for them. Get the target audience at all costs.

What sells best? Fear, psychologists respond.

What should modern, young, successful, well-earning women be afraid of? Old age? Wrinkles on the forehead or …. lose the feeling of your attractiveness.

In 2019, feminists advocate for body positive and total freedom from other people’s opinions. What do cosmetologists and psychotherapists actually face? Whether women are dependent on appearance or the right to wear trousers, vote and have an equal working day with men are the best achievements of women in the 20th century.

New trends reflect the mood. Increasingly, Hollywood celebrities and models show themselves without makeup, photoshop and filters. From anorexia to plus sign, the pendulum has already swung.

Now remembered about ordinary women of normal size. This is confirmed by the recent agent provocateur advertising campaign, in which the first ever brand invited women of size 44-48 by Russian standards. And most recently, the Internet community was outraged by the advertising company of the sports brand (Reebok), which issued a special supporting bodice for large women, and in Russia only XS models were put into advertising.

The AdIndex portal asked its readers on social networks whether they find advertising with models of “non-standard” appearance more attractive. The survey involved 599 people.

The number of people who voted for advertising with women of different complexions only slightly exceeded the share of those who were against it. 36.4% (218 people) voted for such advertising, 32% (192) against. Another 17.7% of respondents (106) found such advertising to be correct, but not catchy. 13.9% of the survey participants (83) 1 were completely indifferent to the choice of models.

Reality or cases, as marketers say
In February, MaxFactor uploaded the video “True Beauty”, which shows women of different ages and different appearance, one of them clearly shows a scar from a Caesarean section. The description for the video reads: “We are calling for a new era of beauty: beauty with depth. There is a whole generation of women who feel that their life experience has made them even more beautiful, but this definition of beauty is nowhere to be seen. ” Advertising was translated into Russian.

For its 25th anniversary, the women’s clothing brand Women’secret has launched the #VERYUS campaign. The jubilee video featured nine ordinary women of different complexions, selected by casting in social networks.

So what is bodypositive really about?
It’s not about loving yourself in a weight of 300kg, overeating with burgers.

Here is what representatives of the subpositive movement often write: “To love is to accept and take care. And care implies proper nutrition, physical activity, cosmetic care. So you need to love yourself, but love constructively. ”

Body positivists are taught to accept their characteristics – freckles, scars (or others) and not try to remove them at all costs.

Will it affect beauticians? Undoubtedly. When? Relatively soon. But you will be ready for this.
How is the balance between a healthy beautiful look and total body-positive?
Working Russians living in large cities often find a balance of common sense with the help of cosmetologists.

A Russian woman on average spends about 50-100 thousand rubles a year on cosmetology. And if we are talking about enhanced care for appearance, then spending increases to 300-500 thousand rubles a year2.
Why is it for the patient – for himself and a joyful attitude towards reflection in the mirror or for approval from women and men?

We asked an expert in psychotherapy:

So, well-groomed appearance and good looks, do women help in solving social issues in the 21st century, or is it a relic of the past?
“If everything with mental health is in order (there is no depression, anxiety, dysmorphophobia) – the appearance with all the attributes of gloss, fashion and cosmetic features is for women one of the communicative tools that act unconsciously and therefore is powerful on most men. Therefore, social issues are resolved much more successfully. When there is a concomitant mental pathology, the appearance often becomes the point of painful attention of a woman through which she wants to get rid of mental discomfort, of course, without success. In such clinical cases, integrated therapy by cosmetologists and psychotherapeutic support is needed. Tomorrow, all the girls and girls of the country will be told how good they are and will give daffodils and mimosa, but the best gift that everyone can make for themselves is adequate satisfaction with their appearance and life, without looking at photoshopped models and with a sparkling look into the future. And science and progress will help us with this. ”

Take yourself off the needle of male approval
Marketers diligently calculate and verify the ideal figure and parameters, who she is this ideal cosmetologist patient. She is skiing at Chamonix (Chamonix), she is from 18 to 45, likes…


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