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HELEO4 ™ – Photodynamic Rejuvenation Therapy

The first clinical signs of photoaging appear in open areas of the skin, especially on the face, in the form of uneven color, dryness and thinning, impaired epidermal structure, decreased skin tone, elasticity and elasticity, the appearance of small and medium-sized wrinkles. Age-related changes progress rapidly. One of the relevant ways to influence the manifestations of photoaging of the skin is photodynamic therapy (PDT) HELEO4 ™.

The skin is a protective barrier for the whole body and the first to meet the aggressive effects of the environment. Premature aging can be corrected, because it is caused by external factors: lifestyle and nutrition, environmental factors, ultraviolet radiation, various diseases, etc. Ultraviolet exposure is damaging in nature and accounts for approximately 80% of premature skin aging (photoaging). The results of a study of the molecular mechanisms of photoaging, obtained in recent years, indicate a violation of the normal functioning of cells with excessive UV radiation. This is due to the predominance of oxidative processes leading to irreversible violations of the regulatory mechanisms of cell growth and differentiation, as well as the creation of favorable conditions for the implementation of all stages of oncogenesis.

Clinical manifestations of photoaging of the skin can occur at any age, and the degree of their severity depends on the total dose of UV radiation received during life.
A modern method of exposure to skin with signs of photoaging is photodynamic therapy, based on the selective destruction of damaged cells as a result of photochemical exposure during the interaction of the photosensitizer that accumulates in them and the light that activates it of a certain wavelength.

Currently, more than 1000 compounds are known that can act as photosensitizers. For topical use, one of the most complex forms is pure chlorin e6. It is obtained as a result of specific processing of “living” spirulina (Spirulina platensis). Unlike porphyrins, chlorins are strongly absorbed in the red region of the spectrum. Today, the initial chlorine e6 of the highest possible purity is the trismeglumine salt of chlorin e6.

After applying the drug to the skin, the accumulation of chlorine E6 derivatives on the membranes of the cellular structures of the affected tissue occurs. Exposure to these cells with light in the wavelength range (630 ± 5 nm), which coincides with the absorption spectrum of derivatives of chlorin E6, leads to the activation of cellular and humoral factors of the human immune system, increasing the production of peroxidants (singlet oxygen, NO, etc.), causing a cascade biochemical reactions that inhibit the development of pathological processes, including by initiating the process of apoptosis in cellular structures. Normalization of blood and lymph flow, rheological properties of blood, stimulation of ATP synthesis, the main energy carrier in the processes occurring in the body, are achieved, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, analgesic, decongestant, desensitizing and immunomodulating effects are achieved.

Of great importance is the light source, through which radiation with the required wavelength is obtained. For outdoor use and a significant area of ​​exposure (the whole face), the use of LED light sources is especially convenient.

Non-invasiveness combined with effectiveness are the advantages of photodynamic therapy over alternative methods of correction of age-related changes. The visible result of a decrease in the expression of “crow’s feet” is noted already 6 days after the first procedure.
Protocol of procedure
Skin cleansing: any cleanser.
Exfoliation HELEO4 ™ GENTLE EXFOLIATING GEL – alkaline preparation with papain. Exposure for 5-7 minutes to wet skin, including the eyelids, then rinse with water.
Dry your skin with napkins.
Actively rub ~ 2 ml of the HELEO4 ™ ACTIVE PDT GEL ANTIAGE photosensitizer.
ANTIAGE exposure takes ~ 15 minutes.

The drug DO NOT RINSE. Conduct exposure to light.

The exposure time of the lamp depends on the initial power.
Task: accumulate 100-150 J / cm2
The choice of spectrum depends on the problem being solved.
Apply HELEO4 ™ ACTIVE FACE CREAM ANTIAGE Nourishing Day Cream.
Recommended course: 5 procedures with an interval of 7 days.

Materials and methods
HELEO4 ™ is a photodynamic effect with high clinical efficacy based on the latest generation photosensitizing gel Spherometallochlorin ™ and HARMONIA PRO LED radiation. HELEO4 ™ ACTIVE PDT GEL ANTIAGE active gel – the main components: trismeglumine salt of chlorin E6 and tocopherol. HARMONIA LED PRO uses high power LEDs as light sources. HELEO4 ™ wavelengths are 410 ± 5nm, 580 ± 5nm and 630 ± 5nm.

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