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Children's dentistry
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Cosmetology after childbirth. Flabby stomach
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What to consider when choosing a microneedle fractional RF device

The issue of informed choice of equipment is an urgent problem for managers and organizers of the medical business. It is necessary to take into account many aspects, including demand, profitability of procedures, qualifications of doctors, real technical characteristics of devices, especially location and specialization of the institution.

The most optimal in many areas of cosmetology and related fields is the use of a microneedle fractional RF apparatus Scarlet (VIOL, South Korea).

The Scarlet device is considered a generally accepted international standard and occupies a leading position in the ranking of demand among fractional invasive techniques.

The absence of such a highly effective procedure in a cosmetology clinic can cause bewilderment among customers and negatively affect the reputation of the institution.

Therefore, the feasibility of investing in a Scarlet microneedle fractional RF device does not raise questions.

You also need to understand that no other method gives that skin condition with such a minimal rehabilitation period, which provides a microneedle fractional radiofrequency Scarlet.

Therefore, a full-fledged correction of age-related changes no longer needs methods where you have to take risks and get complications in the form of burns, hyper- and hypopigmentation, microcracks, leading to scarring or the “gauze” effect.

Also, in the case of other indications, the use of the Scarlet apparatus (VIOL, South Korea) is “highly specific”, that is, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the procedures justifies the cost of the apparatus.

Scarlet (VIOL, South Korea)

Thus, we can distinguish a wide range of basic services on the Scarlet device:

Skin texture improvement
Wrinkle repair
Acne treatment, rejuvenation, rehabilitation, etc.
Hyperhidrosis Correction
Scarlet – one of the best methods for the correction of normotrophic and atrophic scars after plastic surgery
The device allows not only to perform, but also to qualitatively complement certain types of services:

Gynecology rejuvenation
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Surgical skin tightening
Lift of the skin of the eyelids as an addition or correction before and / or after blepharoplasty
The device can be used to treat not one but several different conditions by changing the parameters of its operation or combining it with other methods.

Recommended Combined Techniques:

Scarlet and biorevitalization
Scarlet and plasma therapy
Scarlet and blepharoplasty
Scarlet and SMAS
Scarlet and IPL
Scarlet and botulinum neuroprotein and filler injections
What to look for when choosing a Scarlet microneedle fractional radio frequency apparatus (VIOL, South Korea)
In all areas in the 21st century, women have become more active. And this activity is growing. A woman, whether she is a manager, a public figure, or an office worker, does not want to sit at home and die from cosmetic procedures with a long rehabilitation period. The modern rhythm of life simply does not allow this!

The result of a scientific study at the Clinical Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, where the impact on the Scarlet apparatus was evaluated, showed that patient satisfaction with the treatment (effectiveness, comfort, safety of the procedure) was more than 86%

How can one get the result without complications and without a rehabilitation period?
The Scarlet microneedle fractional RF device is the first device in the world with patented technology for combining the complex effects of a certain power, pulse duration and number of needles, which ensures the effectiveness of procedures without a rehabilitation period due to characteristics.

Power for optimal exposure is 2-3 W at a frequency of 2 MHz.

According to international clinical trials, to achieve safe and effective remodeling of the extracellular matrix of the skin, the most optimal is the power range of 2-3 W at an output frequency of 2 MHz (A. Nerobeev et al. 2012).

The physiological temperature regime of exposure to tissues is up to 60 ºC.

According to Berlien and Muller (1989), changes in biological tissues when heated depending on temperature will be different. The temperature regime of exposure will be optimal and physiological – up to 60 ºC, which carries out the effect without irreversible protein denaturation, which is physiological.

The temperature is more than 60 ºC – borderline, a strong exit beyond which is fraught with complications – irreversible structural changes in human tissues, leading to local necrosis with a further outcome in fibrosis.

Needles should be uninsulated in the amount of 25 pieces per 1 cm square, which also contributes to a minimum rehabilitation period.

If you work according to the manufacturer’s protocols, then the rehabilitation period is 1.5–2 hours.

Exposure to high frequency and low power currents is effective and safe to restore the lost structure and functions of involutionally changed skin and can be recommended for practical use in aesthetic medicine.

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