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How to choose a used machine?

Used or used equipment has long and successfully been sold on the Russian cosmetic market. What reasons motivate you to buy used equipment, what to look for when buying it, and what can you encounter when using it?
The main reasons for buying used equipment
Minimization of startup costs
For a number of reasons, clinics / beauty salons purchase equipment (read about it here). At current exchange rates, the cost of lasers, IPL and RF from well-known manufacturers often amounts to millions of rubles. Chinese counterparts can be purchased for 200-700 thousand rubles, but their legal use is impossible. The cost of used devices is close to the cost of Chinese equipment, but at the same time it is a cut above in quality, reliability and safety. Read about it here. Therefore, some organizations make the choice in favor of used devices of trusted brands.

The opportunity to buy a high-end device
On average, cosmetology equipment loses 10-15% of the cost per year. Accordingly, a 5-6-year-old device can be bought at a discount of up to 70% of the cost of a new one. In this regard, the payback period is reduced. If a purchase makes a choice in favor of a used premium device instead of a simpler new one, then this step will allow the clinic / beauty salon to carry out procedures at higher prices (of course, if patients can afford a higher price), because the patient will not be able to understand a new or used machine is used.

The ability to buy a device with a lot of features
There are a large number of devices on the market that combine several lasers, for example:

Alma lasers Harmony XL,
Lumenis M22,
Palomar Starlux 500,
Sharplight Omnimax.
When they are purchased new, each nozzle is purchased separately. If you need to combine many functions, then the final cost will be far beyond $ 150,000. Moreover, if you choose a used device, then its cost is well within 70-80 thousand dollars, which is about 50% of the price.

What to look for when buying used equipment?
In addition to standard questions:

which device to choose?
What functions should it have?
How to evaluate the effectiveness and safety?
Does it match the needs of the target audience?
What are these queries?
how quickly will it pay off and will it pay off in principle?
when buying used equipment you need to assess the degree of wear.

The recovery cost can be very high, for example, in an alexandrite laser, the alexandrite crystal itself may be worn out and require replacement already at 1,500,000 flashes. The cost of such a crystal, together with work to replace it, reaches one million rubles. This problem is common to all solid-state lasers. However, the cost of the crystal varies depending on the manufacturer and type of crystal. Of course, there are much more wear-resistant devices, the repair cost of which in case of breakdown is much lower, for example, RF.

In any case, before buying a used device, you need to consult with an expert who can assess the technical condition.

What parameters should be evaluated when buying a used device, in addition to appearance and performance.

When buying simpler equipment, often not equipped with resource meters, the technical condition can be judged by indirect signs: scuffs, appearance, condition of the “entrails”, etc.

In any case, if you want to minimize your risks, you cannot do without an expert who can give a full conclusion.
Purchase options
Purchase at the clinic using the device
Pros: low price, the ability to personally chat with people who use the device.

Cons: lack of warranty, the need to pay for the services of an expert.

At an authorized distributor (e.g. trade-in)
Pros: availability of warranty, proven equipment, transparency of the transaction, spare parts warehouse.

Cons: overpriced device, overpriced service.

At companies selling used equipment
Pros: availability of a guarantee, proven equipment, not a very high price (less cost), a wide range of equipment from abroad.

Cons: the price is higher than that of clinics, but lower than that of officials, there may be interruptions in spare parts or a long delivery time.

The main problem that can be encountered during the operation of equipment is its failure. When using second-hand devices, this risk increases. How much? It depends on the accuracy of the selection. Therefore, the selection issue should be given maximum attention.

Thus, we can conclude: the choice of a used device for cosmetology is a technologically more complex process than buying a new one, but economically more justified. And consultation with an expert who can evaluate the technical condition and applicability of the device in the conditions of your particular clinic is required!

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