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Correction of the lips as an art. Copyright correction techniques #BellaLips

Today, the main requirement for facial rejuvenation procedures is the individuality of approaches and assessment of the harmony of the face as a whole.

The lip area (after the eye area) creates a bright accent and attracts the attention of others, so correction of the lips and the perioral zone remains a priority for patients.

Guided by experience, I believe that correction of the lip area is extremely important to consider in conjunction with other facial structures, conducting their aesthetic analysis, individualizing the correction plan, taking into account the patient’s goal and motivation.

If the rule of the “golden section” helps us in determining the individual harmony of the volume of the lips, then taking into account the play of light and shadow of the lip area and the placement of light accents during correction are in the area of ​​the top points of the cupid’s bow (Glogau-Klein, Glogau-Klein point, GK point) , one or two light accents in the lower lip area and light accents in the lip contour region – complete the so-called lip sculpting.

An equally important point is understanding the patient’s expectations – does our vision of beauty and harmony coincide with his? When coinciding, we can most successfully predict and recreate and / or create the individual beauty of the lips.

Belotero and Etermis lip fillers
Correction Techniques
The choice of drug for correction of lips “BellaLips”
In my practice, for the last 10 years, Belotero and Etermis (Merz Pharma) group preparations, which allow to achieve the most beautiful, at the same time natural and safe result, remain priority for lip correction. To recreate the sensual volume of the lips, as a rule, I use Belotero Balance (contains 22.5% hyaluronic acid) and Etermis 3 (contains 23 mg / ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid, 15% of native hyaluronic acid), which increases the level moisturizing lips, their color changes, becoming brighter and more juicy, and 41 mg / g mannitol, which prevents the rapid degradation of hyaluronic acid and gives a prolonged correction effect.

Belotero Intense (containing 25.5% hyaluronic acid) is the best choice for changing the shape of the lips and emphasizing their contour, setting light accents and adding volume.

According to the results of histomorphological studies, Belotero line fillers have proven their safety, they do not cause inflammation and tissue immune response, therefore they are ideal for correcting the perioral zone, as the patient undergoes correction on a regular basis, as a rule, at least once a year.

In my opinion, Etermis 4 (Fig. 1) (24 mg / ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, 15% of native hyaluronic acid and 41 mg / g of mannitol) is an ideal preparation for reconstructing and creating a long, even volume in the lip area.

The choice of these drugs is based on high efficiency and safety, confirmed by scientific and clinical studies [1,2,3,5]. Since it is important for practitioners to ensure a predictable and long-term result, uniform distribution and preservation of the shape of the lips of patients, it should be borne in mind that the correction of the lip area will be incomplete without the correction of superficial dermal wrinkles around the lips, which can be worked out in detail and jewelry using the “blotting” technique with Belotero preparations Soft (20% hyaluronic acid) and Belotero Balance (22.5% hyaluronic acid). The blanching technique, which has proved its effectiveness and safety with a uniform distribution in the skin without signs of contouring or drug migration, is possible only with the use of these drugs [4].

Bearing in mind that lip correction is always individual, in my practice I use a number of #BellaLips techniques that allow you to achieve beautiful results.

A patient with thin lips, difficult to correct, and a small distance between the nose and upper lip. In this case, the drug Belotero Intense was used.

Here, the correction is aimed at giving a beautiful sensual volume to the lips, while it is important to maintain individual beauty and naturalness. In this case, the drug Belotero Balance was used in the following technique: lip contour correction was not carried out, since its natural lip contour is beautiful. Injections to give the sensory volume of the upper lip region were carried out in a linear retrograde technique in the direction from the commissure of the mouth to the center, in a fan technique from one injection point. The light accents of the upper lip area were arranged using a vertical fan technique in the direction from the contour to the lip closing line.

Sensual volume of the lower lip was created using our technique towards the commissure of the mouth, as well as by placing light accents in the central part of the lower lip.

Using the described technique allows you to achieve individually natural beautiful sensual lips – #BellaLips.

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