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Why does a dentist need a beautician?

What do these two specialists have in common? Dentistry and cosmetology are very closely related. After all, after the return of the teeth, it is necessary to maintain an aesthetic appearance, to correct facial features, if necessary. That is why, after the All-on-4 non-removable prosthetics operation, some patients turn to the services of specialists in the field of cosmetology.

Ideally, these two areas of medicine – dentistry and aesthetic cosmetology, should be located on the same territory. That is, in the clinic, where immediately after the return of the teeth, work on prosthetics can make an appointment with a specialist. He can correct the contour of the lips, remove wrinkles with the help of modern means, and change the shape of the face. It should be noted that this has nothing to do with cosmetic prosthetics.

Recall that prosthetics on the All-on-4 system allows you to return the teeth – the upper / lower jaw in just one weekend. Such a system has a number of significant advantages, unlike other installation options. Among them there is an opportunity to combine dentistry and cosmetology together. So, some of the significant advantages of the All-on-4 system:

no need for sinus lift surgery;
just a few steps to prepare for the installation of implants and a prosthesis;
reduced adaptation period;
teeth return in 24 hours;
aesthetic appearance;
Thanks to the fixed All-on-4 design, the patient can change the shape of the chin, nasolabial folds or cheeks. This is due to the implantation of Nobel Biocare implants and the installation of a prosthesis. He “returns” the oval of the face, while normalizing the bite and its height. In elderly patients, speech clarity is restored, which is very important when communicating with family, friends, acquaintances.

By the optimal combination of dentistry and cosmetology, we do not mean procedures for building enamel or installing veneers in the oral cavity. They belong to the field of cosmetic prosthetics, which can partially restore the aesthetic attractiveness of the oral cavity, but to a lesser extent solves health problems. Cosmetic prosthetics includes a number of manipulations to return an attractive smile, to a greater extent extending to partial work with teeth – crookedly grown or damaged due to injuries. In this case, dentists may recommend an enamel extension, for example.

aesthetic dentistry

After teeth return according to the All-on-4 protocol, patients continue to engage in appearance. In this case, the right decision would be a combination of two areas – dentistry and aesthetic cosmetology. The first solves the issue of oral health and smooth, white teeth. The second direction allows you to refine the appearance and improve the condition of the skin, tighten the cheekbones, change their shape, etc.

As a rule, if there are areas of dentistry and cosmetology on the basis of one clinic, specialists can work in tandem. After the installation of the prosthesis and during the initial appointment, the cosmetologist can give recommendations on the subject of problem areas and correct the features in the appearance of the patient. Thus, dentistry and aesthetic cosmetology can act as basic areas if we are talking about restoring the beauty of a smile. Because in the presence of healthy teeth in a person – a man, whether it be a woman or a woman, there is a desire to engage in yourself in other directions. First of all, dentistry and cosmetology give this opportunity: to work on yourself. The first sphere allows you to return a smile in just one day, and the second supports the aesthetic appearance of the patient with innovative cosmetic solutions.

How it works? Let’s look at a simple example – a standard case, a combination of dentistry and aesthetic cosmetology.

The patient had a partial adentia – the absence of teeth on the upper and lower jaws for a long time. This affected the shape of the face: lip contour “donkey”, the oval of the face became less clear. If in the combination “dentistry and aesthetic cosmetology” only cosmetic methods are used – special injections, then after some time the face shape can return to its original state. This will happen due to the lack of proper support from the inside – the prosthesis that forms the oval of the face, restores the position of the cheekbones, transforms the face of the patient.

After the teeth returned, the shape of the jaw changed in the patient / patient, the contour was restored. However, some skin problems may remain. And in order to bring your appearance to perfect condition – to smooth wrinkles, to raise the corners of the lips, additional procedures are needed. That is why dentistry and aesthetic cosmetology must stick together and complement each other in improving appearance. Fixed prosthetics can be compared with the base for changing your appearance, and cosmetology services – with additional pleasant services that will support the result of the work of specialists in the field of All-on-4.

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