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Cosmetology after childbirth. (Striae)

Changes in the body of a woman that occur during and after pregnancy are inevitable, however, fortunately for modern women, all the undesirable consequences of this period can be corrected using modern methods of aesthetic medicine.
Remember: periods of pregnancy and lactation are contraindications to the implementation of any cosmetic procedures. And this means that you can go to the cosmetologist for help as soon as you have finished breastfeeding.
So, what are the most common problems pregnant women and young mothers face?

Stretch marks (striae)
Prevention of the formation of stretch marks:
There are many opinions and tips on this topic, but you can’t get far from genetics. Therefore, there is no need to succumb to intrusive commercials and buy all kinds of creams, fill yourself with them, sit and wait for a miracle. It is necessary to provide a skin elasticity moisturizing: 3-4 times a day, rub the product into the skin with soft circular movements. Many cosmetic brands especially for pregnant women develop comprehensive body care, which includes body wraps, massages, and cosmetic masks – all that is necessary to improve the skin quality of a woman and raise her mood.

In the event that the weight gain is intensive, the skin receives microtraumas, blood vessels, collagen and elastin fibers are torn, a “failure” occurs in the skin. And after the appearance of striae, they begin to change color from red to white with pearlescent. Should calm down …. And wait for the birth, and then boldly declare war on them!

Stretch Mark Correction:
Mesotherapy (amino acids NCTF135 to improve trophism and / or substances that destroy scar changes, to soften).
A laser for fractional or continuous ablation (Acupulse, Fraxel, M22 ResurfFX, X-smart DOT) will remove scars, striae and tighten the stomach.
Chemical peels of different depths. But you need to understand that the course will be long.
Photo striae on the stomach before and after
Fig 1. Striae on the abdomen before and after correction.

At the last stage, some correction of scars may be necessary, which is performed by gels to restore the relief and smoothness of the skin.
Flabby stomach
Prevention of sagging skin:
Prevention consists in strengthening the abdominal muscles (without fanaticism) long before pregnancy. I urge all women to exercise, fitness, exercise, at worst. There are also specially designed training programs for pregnant women, from yoga to the pool. And then your body will survive this period without any problems. It takes about 9 months to restore the woman’s shape after childbirth – during this time muscle tone is restored, the skin contracts, and the protective physiological fat layer goes away. You need to be patient.

Another key feature is nutrition during pregnancy and weight gain. Physiologically, it is so arranged that a woman gains normally from 10 to 15 kg (extra weight). This includes the weight of the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, an enlarged uterus, enlarged mammary glands, blood volume, and only then fat. Fat should be formed to protect the fetus, including thermal. But if we live by the principle “everything is possible for pregnant women,” then weight increases primarily due to fat deposits in the abdomen and hips. Nutrition should be balanced and varied, monitor laboratory blood counts and try to regulate all changes with food and vitamins.

Correction of local body fat:
Local fat deposits are very easy to remove. The possibilities of modern cosmetologists allow you to do this at one, two, three …

The destruction of subcutaneous fat is possible by injection methods:
Mesotherapy (once a week injections of lipolytics into problem areas. Course from 7 to 10 procedures).
Intralipotherapy with Aqualix is ​​comfortably tolerated, done no more than 1 time in 3 weeks, correction of several zones at the same time is possible. The course consists of 3-4 procedures. From personal experience I’ll say: 5 cm will easily go away in two weeks, if you follow all the doctor’s recommendations.
Photo body fat before and after Aqualix
Figure 2. Local fat deposits before and after intralipotherapy with Aqualix.

Hardware Methods:
Cryolipolysis is an excellent procedure. If the price of the course of procedures does not bother, then 3 months you will melt before our eyes. The essence of the method is simple: the hated fold (each problem area) is placed in the chamber, and fat cells are destroyed by cold within an hour. And then you go home to lose weight further.
Photo body fat before and after Zeltiq
Fig 3. Local fat deposits before and after correction on the Zeltiq apparatus.

Ultrasound. According to the opinions of people on forums, clients in consultations, few people believe in ultrasonic destruction of fat. Frankly, I had experience working on an inefficient device. But there are also very worthy, with evidence base, satisfied customers and long-term (persistent) results.
Photo body fat before and after Liposonix
Figure 4. Local fat deposits before and after correction on the Liposonix apparatus.

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