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Wear it with pride!

Sergey and Irina Chikunov spoke about the importance of an integrated approach, high-quality diagnosis, how headaches relate to teeth, how veneers differ and how to find a doctor.

Sergey Olegovich Chikunov – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head Doctor of the Clinic Art Oral, Moscow.

Irina Albertovna Chikunova – dentist-orthodontist, head doctor of the innovation center for dentistry and cosmetology “VID”, Rostov-on-Don.

What is the most common request for patients?
Sergei Olegovich: For the patient, aesthetics are always a priority, the desire to smile beautifully. And of course, the ability to chew with these teeth. Closes the top 3 concern for the health of the tissues surrounding the teeth. It seems like it should be by itself. For the doctor, this pyramid should be turned upside down. That is, at the forefront we put the preservation of the health of the teeth and surrounding tissues, and then the function, because beauty without functionality is impossible. We draw inspiration from natural standards. By nature, everything is conceived very utilitarian. We try to do our job as a jeweler creates his masterpiece. Then the patient will proudly wear a smile as a decoration.

Irina Albertovna: The difference is that you can lose or forget to wear the jewelry, and the smile is always with you. I am sure the best investments are in education and health. In our minds it has long been the norm that we buy a car or things checked

manufacturer. The technical side of the manufacture of teeth is also a whole production, in complexity not inferior to the auto industry, but in reality it is even finer, because an individual approach and taste are needed here. Doctors and dental technicians, in fact, must possess a wealth of knowledge and talents. From civil engineering to art. It affects the price, but the health is worth it. Our teeth and smile are always with us. Even when we sleep.

Sergey Olegovich, you are one of the first in the country, more than 20 years ago, to produce veneers without preparation. Is it true that the patient’s teeth are not grinded?
Sergey Olegovich: Yes, of course, it is possible. During life, the teeth become not only shorter, but also thinner, and in order to restore them, it is necessary to add the lost volume. Then it is possible to install ceramic restorations, almost completely avoiding the preparation. What we do.
To implement such treatment, a rational scheme is needed, which consists of the interaction of the doctor, patient and dental technician. The so-called “triad of success.” In this scheme, the orthopedic dentist is just the “finger” of the hand. Other “fingers” include therapist, periodontist, surgeon, and orthodontist. A systematic, integrated approach is important. Professionals must speak and think the same language. 90% of the time is spent on planning and preparing for treatment, only 10% is spent on fulfilling the plan. Here, the diagnostic phase represents the most intellectual and creative part of the treatment. And the creation of restorations is an exact reproduction of the treatment plan. The combined and structured management of the patient by doctors and technicians provides an adequate basis for collaboration and a confident patient result.

How do you feel about your dazzling smiles?
Sergey Olegovich: Now this is a craze, a tribute to fashion. For me, the best that I can hear as a doctor is when the relatives and friends of my patients notice positive changes in their appearance, but don’t point to their teeth, but say: “Something has changed in you, but I can’t understand what exactly ! Prettier (a)! ”If a person smiles, and you understand that he spent the last week in the dentist’s chair, the mission failed. Both teeth and a smile should look first and foremost natural! The second is beautiful.

How can a patient understand how professional the doctor he is referring to?
Irina Albertovna: Probably, do not trust advertising and any instagram accounts. I hear stories about colleagues who “borrowed” photos of other people’s work for their portfolio. Do not make important decisions in a hurry, in fear or on emotions. Discuss with your doctor all options. Delve into the details. Discuss them, sign the contract. Relations should be absolutely transparent. Of this, the main thing is formed – trust!

Sergey Olegovich: A good doctor explains everything in a language that the patient understands. It is extremely important for the doctor to listen carefully to the patient in order to determine his main expectations. During the conversation, the patient should not sit in the dental chair, as being in it, he often feels under pressure and in tension. Optimal communication can be achieved “on the same level”. The use of healthy teeth models, photographs and magazines greatly facilitates understanding. I also believe that it is important for the patient to get acquainted with the dental technician who will deal with his smile. Unfortunately, this is not a very common practice in Russia and Europe, but in vain! I adopted it from my friend, the great German dental technician Klaus Mutertis. He was the first to introduce the concept of teamwork. The result is completely different!

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