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Benefits of the New REVI Prolonged Biorevitalizants

What can be considered an indicator of the success of the manufacturing company, if we ignore the large volumes of sales and the success of the business plan? No matter how paradoxical this may sound – the number of fakes
In the summer of 2019, CLS International decided to rebrand the popular Revi product due to numerous cases of counterfeiting. REVI BRILLIANTS biorevitalizants were discontinued, replaced by four updated products with new formulas.

We talk about the history and benefits of new items.
Hyaluronic acid for the first time in Russia
The history of the Russian company CLS International, which focuses on hyaluronic acid preparations, begins in 2005.

The company’s technologists were tasked with creating a domestic biorevitalizant that successfully competes with imported analogues in price, while not inferior to them in quality.

Then, among domestic cosmetologists, hyaluronic acid was only gaining popularity, and the attitude towards it was still wary.

For the biochemists of the company, the choice in her favor was obvious. In the international scientific community, this glycosaminoglycan already had many fans.

In addition, hyaluronic acid as a substance that is a related component of the skin and connective tissue was supposed to replace polyacrylamide compounds, which caused unpleasant side effects and delayed negative effects.

So there was a line of REVI biorevitalizants for use in cosmetology.

REVI (REVI, REVI Silk, REVI Style, REVI Strong) is an innovative line of sustained release biorevitalizants.
The company’s portfolio has expanded, injectable drugs have appeared for various fields of medicine: dentistry (Revident), traumatology (Revisk), urology (Uro-hyal).

Another important step for the company was the recognition of product quality. In 2012, the production was certified in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 13485. This meant that the notified body from Europe annually audits the quality management system with the issuance of an opinion. The company is equipped with the most advanced equipment for the production of high-tech medical products. In the manufacture of products, raw materials and components from Europe, the USA and South Korea are used.

That is how the research and production holding “CLS International” has reached a modern level of development.

biorevitalizants REVI
How to sweeten the composition
Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin was chosen as the main active ingredient in the line of biorevitalizants. Due to its hydrophilicity, it has a high ability to bind water. This provides hydration of tissues and the normal course of physiological processes in cells. Molecules participate in the creation of intradermal pressure, which supports turgor, ensures tissue elasticity, stimulates the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue.

But the question arose of how to strengthen its action?

The choice was made in favor of trehalose. This disaccharide, which is widely used in the food industry, has a number of positive properties, which have been confirmed by international studies.

So, in 2009, Indian researchers showed that trehalose protects cell membranes from the effects of any aggression factors – exo and endofactors: chemokines, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and protects cells from stress caused by dehydration1.

It was also noted that the molecule is able to prevent neurodegeneration2. It acts as a powerful stabilizer of proteins and is able to maintain its structural integrity.

It is also a chaperone and reduces the aggregation of pathologically incorrectly folded proteins and improves the clearance of mutant proteins, which act as substrates of autophagy when aberrant protein deposition occurs. It does not form crosslinking with proteins, thereby solving the problem of collagen glycation, which is one of the factors that cause age-related skin changes4.

In animal models in which Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease were initiated, trehalose has been shown to lower levels of toxic protein aggregates, increasing autophagy and improving clinical symptoms and cell survival.

These studies have led to another important property of trehalose – autophagy – one of the key mechanisms of cell cleansing. Although its properties were debated, studies in 2018 nevertheless proved that trehalose did indeed have a neuroprotective effect through autophagy3.

Trehalose also acts as a natural cryoprotectant – it protects cells from any temperature changes5. Moreover, it is important that trehalose does not have toxic effects6.7.

biorevitalizants REVI
Synergy of components
Trehalose, which is part of REVI biorevitalizants, also acts as a natural stabilizer of hyaluronic acid.

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