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Mom and daughter: Complex aesthetic correction on guard of the beauty and health of two generations

For a whole year, mothers and daughters participated in the unusual transformation project of Merz Aesthetics. We tell how the life of the participants changed after the end of the project
In 2018, Merz Aesthetics launched a multicenter observational study to study the hereditary external signs of face and neck aging in Mom and Daughter couples, designed to assess the impact of aesthetic procedures on the Merz Aesthetics portfolio on the quality of life and self-esteem of patients, to study the severity of clinical signs skin aging, establish safety techniques.

The study involved 46 women, 23 couples, three medical centers led by doctors E.I. Gubanova, I.P. Aksenenko, M.A. Shirshakova. The sample is voluminous and reliable.
The selection of groups also contributed to obtaining accurate results. The participants are mothers and their daughters with similar hereditary traits (type of aging, type of skin, etc.). This selection of patients made it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of a comprehensive anti-aging correction taking into account the needs of different age groups and to select the most effective exposure tools. For the mother – more therapeutic correction, for the daughter – preventive, taking into account the features of aging of the older generation.

Performing the Ultherapy 504 line procedure (full face, including the submental zone)
Performing injection procedures (Radiesse at a dilution of 1.5 ml – the area of ​​the face and neck)
Contour plastic:
Belotero Volume – volume correction of the middle third of the face and corpus
Belotero Intense or Belotero Balance – lips, corners of the mouth, nasolabial fold or Belotero Soft 1ml. – blanching
Radiesse 1.5 ml – correction of the mandibular angle and contour of the lower jaw
Botulinum Therapy: Xeomin 100 units: full face
Belotero Intense or Belotero Balance 1 ml (lips)
Xeomin up to 20 PIECES as a prevention of expression wrinkles
At the first stage, age-related changes in the skin of the face and neck in pairs were studied.

The patients had similar symptoms: aggravation of facial aging in both the upper and lower half of the face and neck, dissatisfaction with the skin condition and motivation to perform aesthetic procedures.

Signs of facial and neck aging (wrinkles in statics and dynamics, IP (aging index), SIS (average aging index) were evaluated using the validated Merz scale. Inheritance of the constitution type and facial morphotype of aging of the face, distribution of fat mass were also taken into account. Correlation was noted during the work the relationship between BMI, age, thickness of platysm and supraplatzmar fat.

Couple 1. Mom 56 years old / Daughter 23 years old

Gubanova Elena Ivanovna

Doctor’s comment
First of all, Natalia performed the hardware procedure of ultrasonic lifting Ultherapy (Altera therapy), then they injected botulinum toxin Xeomin, fillers Radies, Belotero Soft, Belotero Balance, Belotero Volyum. This complex made it possible to reduce wrinkles and folds, tighten the oval of the face, make the cheek-cheekbone groove and nasolabial folds less noticeable, increase the volume of the lips, narrow the pores and remove wrinkles between the eyebrows. In general, after the procedures, Natalia began to look 5-10 years younger. At the same time, everything looks natural, does not cause suspicion among others. At first, Natalia had a distrust of the beautician. And I completely understand her, trust, of course, must be earned. I was pleased that gradually she decided on new injections that allowed her to look even better. Most of all, the patient was afraid to do something with her lips, she never ever circled them brightly on the contour, never used red lipstick. But after the procedures, she changed and joked: “I never had lips, and now they have appeared!”

Julia is a real beauty, slim, with a direct posture. But, unfortunately, she has noticeable premature wrinkles on her forehead (this is due to a predisposition), which added age, made her visually tense, tired. Fortunately, it was easy to remove with the help of Xeomin. After that, the look became more open, she began to look fresher. The patient also enlarged her lips for the first time, although at first she was afraid of this and categorically did not want to. Using hyaluronic acid, I emphasized the shape of her lips with a bow. I am glad that Julia agreed to this, so she emphasized her natural beauty.

I never wanted to completely redo myself, turn into another person, live my own life. Rather, there was a desire to slightly improve something. I always looked at my lips and thought: “If only they were bigger.” And from the age of 20 she began to notice small wrinkles on her forehead. All this, of course, is not fatal. But I understand how important it is to maintain beauty in my profession.
Julia, 23 years old. She graduated from the Linguistic University with a degree in management, a candidate for master of sports in ballroom and sports dancing.

I was always pleased with my appearance and tried to impress on my daughter how important it is to love my reflection in the mirror.

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