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Peptide Biorevitalizant from Mesopharm

Mesopharm company has released a new biorevitalizant Mesohydral 2.0 ml, combining the most effective concentrations of low molecular weight (100 kDa) and high molecular weight (1800 kDa) hyaluronic acid
The effect of HA in the drug is enhanced by regulatory peptides with proven effectiveness. For the introduction of the drug, both point and papular administration techniques are suitable.

Biorevitalization as a procedure that improves the structure of the intercellular matrix, increases the level of skin hydration and minimizes the appearance of signs of skin aging has been known to cosmetologists for more than 18 years. In the classic version, these preparations contain from 1 to 2% of high molecular weight unstabilized hyaluronic acid.

The effect of the introduction of unmodified high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is explained by the activation of fibroblasts, the destruction of artificially introduced polysaccharides by them and the increase in the synthesis of their own according to the feedback principle. The procedure itself is associated with a slight discomfort after injections in the form of papules, visualized for 2-3 days.

Mesohydral Promo Formula Peptide
The most optimistic studies have shown that increasing the level of skin hydration after a course of injection is only 5-10%. This explains the low patient satisfaction with the results after the course of procedures and the decrease in the popularity of the biorevitalization procedure. The search for new formulas of biorevitalizants continues to this day, technologists do not give up hope to create an effective drug with a wide spectrum of effects both on the cells themselves and on the structure of the intercellular matrix.

The first attempts to modify the composition of drugs by manufacturers led to the appearance of so-called biorestructurisants, in which glycerol, mannitol, succinic acid, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants are used as enhancers of the effects of sodium hyaluronate. The creators of skinbusters went another way, offering stable forms of hyaluronic acid for prolonged biorevitalization.

New solutions proposed by technologists and based on the study of the metabolism of hyaluronic acid in tissues led to the appearance of drugs that combine two fractions of HA with different molecular weights. It is this principle that underlies the new Mezofarm drug.
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid has remained the basic ingredient of the composition, since it is it that forms the intercellular matrix, works with a water magnet, providing restoration of conditions for intercellular communications. It also stimulates the synthetic activity of fibroblasts, and also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has completely different functions. It stimulates the differentiation of cells, restoring their ability to divide, inherent in younger cells. It stimulates the migratory activity of cells, works as a signaling molecule, simulating damage and causing a tissue response. Low molecular weight HA first undergoes enzymatic hydrolysis, diverting attention from the long chains of HA and prolonging their deposition in the skin. Destroying to tetrasaccharides, it helps to increase the protective potential of the skin.

Mesohydral Promo Formula Peptide
The advantage of the new drug Mesohydral 2.0 ml is the inclusion in the composition of biomimetic peptides with proven effectiveness.

NucleoSpire ™ is a unique system of biorevitalization and skin repair.
Tripeptide-1 is one of the most studied remodeling peptides with a wide range of effects on cells. It is proved that tripeptide-1 increases the efficiency of stem cells, enhances their own production of growth factors. It has epigenetic activity, stimulates the synthesis of components of the dermal matrix, prevents the formation of scars, increases the antioxidant potential of cells. Tripeptide-1 has been widely used in aesthetic medicine for more than 10 years, it helps to tighten the skin by improving its visco-elastic characteristics, leveling skin color, brightening age spots.

Tripeptide-29 is a biomimetic tripeptide from the matrixin class, designed to prolong and enhance the action of hyaluronic acid, as well as stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin as the main donor of amino acids. Provides an increase in skin density and a decrease in the depth of wrinkles, reduces pore diameter, increases cell viability.

Tetrapeptide-5 and dipeptide-2 – have anti-glycation and decongestion effects. In vivo experiments, it was proved that these peptides inhibit the aggregation of cells involved in inflammation, contribute to the restoration of endotheliocytes (reduce the number of defective vessels), and block the synthesis of melanin. The inclusion of these peptides in the Mesohydral 2.0 ml formula helps to improve the state of blood vessels, reduce inflammation in the skin, and reduce swelling in the injection zone.

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