Ruby Laser Cosmetology
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The use of dye laser in the treatment of rosacea
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Global trends in cosmetology

How global beauty trends influence brand success, what manufacturers need to remember and what aesthetic medicine expects in the near future
Today, more and more manufacturers are asking the question: “How to create a safe, high-quality product that meets the needs of the modern consumer?”

Indeed, in such a dynamically developing field as the production of cosmetics, one has to closely monitor new products in order to have an advantage in the production process. Therefore, the priority of progressive cosmetic brands is always the impeccable quality of products developed for specialists taking into account the needs of end consumers.

Their ever-growing needs are the source that sets the development of the modern cosmetics industry. Interest in the final product is determined by a number of factors:

simple and clear ingredient composition,
safety, efficacy and source of composition.
For educated users who are transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, what is inside cosmetics is becoming increasingly important. And cosmetological trends are crucial here.

Trend 1. Skin protection
Digitalization affects consumers in many ways. On the one hand, the influence of social networks makes them constantly look good, on the other hand, the emission of “blue” light from screens and monitors causes hyperpigmentation on the skin, often more pronounced than from exposure to UVB rays. In this regard, companies offer high-tech solutions that help to remain beautiful 24 hours a day. Therefore, it becomes justified to include in the composition of cosmetic products assets that provide enhanced protection and restoration of cells from “blue” light.

There is an increasing need for effective natural sun protection with improved distributability and lighter textures to enhance aesthetic appeal.

So, 35% of American women say that lightness or weightlessness of the formulation is an important advantage when choosing cosmetics for the face, 32% of consumers aged 18–34 believe that natural sunscreen is safer than conventional products, 62% of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region buy only natural and organic cosmetics.

Trend 2. Naturalness
Currently, the most popular is the trend of naturalness. Consumers are looking for natural cosmetics that will fit into their ideas about a healthy lifestyle. The trend of preference for natural cosmetics continues, and it is expected that the global market for personal care products will grow annually to $ 600 million and exceed $ 25 billion by 2025.

In China, 45% of women who use facial skin care products plan to use natural ingredients, and 62–71% of French, German, Italian and Spanish women have used natural skin care products in the past 12 months.

Trend 3. Pure Beauty
The growing eco-ethical requirements for brands (especially from young consumers) extend the term “clean” beyond simple safety. There are increasing requirements for natural cosmetics, which should be “free” of unwanted ingredients and safe to use.

Trend 4. Environmental friendliness and health
Unity with nature is becoming a key trend in the professional SPA industry. So, 45% of adult Spaniards believe that products used in salons or SPA are more effective than products used at home.

Positioning a brand that uses natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging in production allows you to gain customer support. Essential oils with a harmonizing sensual odor are increasingly focusing on attention. This is due to the fact that modern cosmetics should also have a psychological effect, focusing on the psycho-emotional state of modern residents of the metropolis, constantly living in conditions of chronic stress.

Eco-friendly emulsions for skin care are one of the key trends of today, which is becoming increasingly important in the cosmetic industry. The aim of the developers of such formulations is to create emulsions containing only natural or at least biodegradable substances.

Trend 5. Holistic cosmetics
A healthy lifestyle in the absence of stress involves the development of holistic cosmetics aimed at restoring harmony between the skin and emotional health. A busy lifestyle and a constant sense of mental and physical overload negatively affects not only the body and mind, but also increases the stress associated with skin irritation. So, in the UK, 20% of residents aged 16–34 years complained that stress worsens their skin condition and directly affects their well-being.

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