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Six for Sex: 6 points of lip sexuality

Each representative of the fair sex considers lips to be the most important part of the face and image as a whole, so this area is given so much attention in aesthetic medicine. Women at all times tried to emphasize this area: they used means that enhance the color and gloss of the lips, and now for several years now the girls have been putting duck lips or duck face on their photos.

The Duck trend has captured the world so much that scientists wondered why women so want to accentuate the lips, change and increase their shape and volume.

Scottish scientists even conducted a study, the results of which were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine 1. According to an online survey that involved 258 women living in Scotland (average age 27 years), the presence of a pronounced tubercle on the upper lip meant that a woman is more likely to experience a vaginal orgasm.

Perhaps it is precisely this desire that drives women who are so actively pouting lips with ducks?

Beautiful lips and the Golden Ratio
People consider a woman’s face beautiful if all its features (in size and location) comply with the “golden section” rule, which was derived in ancient Greece. In accordance with the “golden section” rule, ideal lips are characterized by the following parameters (Fig. 1, 2):

Golden Section of the face
Fig. 1. The “golden section” of the face
Perfect lip ratio in face architectonics
Fig. 2. The ideal lip ratio in the architectonics of the face
A horizontal line drawn through the commissures of the lips divides the lower third of the face into two parts, with a ratio of 1: 2.
The width of the nose corresponds to the width of the lips as 1: 1.6.
Vertical lines drawn from the commissures of the lips upward intersect the mid-pupil line in the interval from the medial edge of the iris to the medial edge of the pupil.
The height of the upper lip is related to the height of the lower lip as 1: 1.6.
Regarding the Rickets line (the vertical line connecting the tip of the nose and the shoulder strap), the upper lip is 4 mm apart, the lower lip 2 mm apart.
The upper lip has three tubercles, the lower lip has two, which must be taken into account in contouring procedures (Fig. 3).
Clear columns of filtrum, pronounced Glogau-Klein points, sufficient volume, saturated color.
Of course, the shape and volume of the lips should match the shape and volume of the face.
Lumps on the lips
Fig. 3. Lumps on the lips, which must be taken into account when performing contour plastic lips.

Despite the fact that cosmetologists know all of the above criteria for the beauty of the lips and the face as a whole, very often they face the same problem. The patient, coming to the reception, shows a photo of a movie star, and asks if she will be able to become like a star? Due to individual anatomical features, the result may differ from the desired ideal, but if you correctly place the emphasis, then any lips will sparkle with new facets of sexuality and attractiveness.

Choosing the optimal filler for lip contouring
Lip contouring is one of the most frequent manipulations by a practicing cosmetologist. Every year there are more and more fillers based on hyaluronic acid. And, reading the description of the drugs, we understand that basically they have similar physical characteristics – viscosity, density, elasticity. Among all this diversity, there are drugs that differ from all the others in their composition, and, accordingly, in the effect they have.

What properties does mannitol give to a filler based on hyaluronic acid?

Being an antioxidant, it clearly prolongs the biodegradation time of the drug in the tissues. The duration and persistence of the effect after filler injections is a topic that is always important for cosmetologist patients. It becomes especially relevant for the so-called hyaluronic acid eaters – this is how doctors call patients who have the effect of contour correction for a short time (no more than a month), and hyaluronic acid is quickly eliminated from the body. Etermis fillers avoid this problem.
Reduces edema and inflammation in the tissues after the contouring procedure.
Gives biorevitalizing properties to filler. This effect is due to the action of mannitol as an absorber of free radicals and the presence of native hyaluronic acid.
Also of the features I would like to note the brightness of the red border of the lips after injections of the Etermis line of products, which is probably due to surface moistening and the absence of peeling of the red border. It is important that the color is saturated pink, without the presence of blue hues (as with the Tyndall effect, which is very common when injecting biphasic fillers).

Etermis 4 allows you to put emphasis on the lips due to its excellent visco-elastic properties (having a density of HA 24 mg / ml, the drug is injected with a needle with a diameter of 30G).
Correction of the complex shape of the lips.

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