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Magiray: what can a drug do when science is behind beauty

Every day, thousands of cans of creams are produced in the world, which means that it is almost impossible to surprise the consumer. Beautiful slogans from advertising campaigns promise eternal youth, and mysterious letters and abbreviations are hidden in the compositions.

Israeli cosmetics Magiray since its founding in 1995 decided to take a different path.

Open labels, working compositions, commitment to eco-trends and reliance on time-tested and experienced patents (more than 70 world patents are used in formulas).

So the main postulate that the company invariably follows was born – a synthesis of science and traditions.

What does this mean?

Two lines and constructor
Under the Magiray brand, active cosmeceuticals with a healing effect are produced.

It is suitable even for people with symptomatic complex of sensitive skin, suffering from various dermatological diseases.

In a professional line – products with a high content of active ingredients for use in the clinic.

In the home – means that enhance the professional line.

At the same time, the drugs are multifunctional (and this is considered by the company as one of the main advantages), that is, the same product can be used in different protocols, for example, to combine products that moisturize and correct acne. If we draw an analogy, then the means are a kind of designer, from which each doctor can assemble his own figure.

Cosmetics for a wide audience
An important advantage of all Magiray rulers is the price, which is especially important when you are a novice doctor, you are afraid to “buy” funds, and then not to realize them. With Magiray, such a problem does not arise. Since most products are multifunctional, a cosmetologist needs very few products to “close” the entire spectrum of aesthetic care.

Representatives of the company note that a young cosmetologist who is just starting to gain experience and improve diagnostics can very easily (for example, a basic set of 10-14 products cost 25,000 rubles) provide himself with an arsenal for a full set of treatment procedures in the clinic: from cleansing before anti-age care.

In addition, cosmetics are less traumatic, and when working with a complex patient, skin stress can be avoided and risks minimized.

Experienced professionals will also be interested in the versatility of products, as it allows for a creative approach and more subtle nuances of using drugs when combined in the procedure.

There are, for example, wow-products, such as protective mineral powder for problem skin, it gives a tone, has a physical SPF filter 20 and is ideally suited for problem skin with acne.

For a cosmetologist with experience working with “capricious” skin, this product can be of particular interest, since it does not clog pores, does not provoke the formation of comedones and can be used as a camouflage after cleansing.

Many brand creams have a light texture and do not contain aggressive substances. For example, an extra-light final cream is a soft, natural amino acid-based emulsifier, which eliminates the risk of damage to the skin barrier or the development of irritation. It also reduces the risk of rashes after invasive cosmetic procedures due to the inclusion of aloe leaves and honeysuckle extracts and gota cola in the juice.

Let’s take a closer look: composition
Magiray uses more than 300 active ingredients in its products, including plant extracts, essential oils and plant oils, salts and Dead Sea mud, algae, beekeeping products, fruit acids. The manufacturer claims that in some preparations the concentration of natural components reaches 98%.

For example, oils and elixirs of the Natural Collection line contain olive oil, burdock root, ginger, grapefruit, sea buckthorn berries, string, acai, green tea and witch hazel extracts, soap dish extract.

Elixir as an active moisturizer and conductor is used without restrictions daily, and the oil is applied 1-2 times a week on its own or as an active additive to masks and creams. In professional care, oils can be used as an enriching supplement in nourishing creams and masks, Mirra balm, as well as during the massage phase.

Another top brand product is the so-called royal jelly for skin restoration after aggressive cosmetic procedures, protection from cold and wind, and nutrition. Jelly can be applied not only to the face, but also to the eyes and lips.

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