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Revitalizing Autumn Treatments

With the advent of autumn, we all rush to the offices of cosmetologists to solve the aesthetic problems acquired during the holiday season. We’ll talk about this.
First of all, facial skin suffers from excessive insolation and salt water. It becomes dry, small wrinkles, age spots appear. In addition, many suffer from acne, enlarged pores, and bumps in the skin, as the sun’s rays activate hypersecretion of sebum. We also recall the sunscreens, which so often clog pores and provoke the development of acne. Here chemical peels, microdermabrasion and a course of photorejuvenation procedures come to the rescue. All these techniques effectively cope with the above problems and activate the synthesis of neo-collagen and elastin, in other words, rejuvenate the skin.

Chemical peeling
Chemical peels are designed to remove the upper layer of the epidermis, during which the protective and reparative functions of the skin are activated. Skin lightening and minimization of age spots occur, and fine and fine wrinkles are smoothed out.

Chemical peeling
The essence of technology is not much different from peeling. But instead of chemical compounds, microcrystals work here. Most often – aluminum oxide. From this mechanical resurfacing of the skin, one can expect the same results as from peeling.

Exposure to flashes of light also effectively copes with the above “autumn” problems. But it is worth saying that this technique is one of the few that can really reduce the pore diameter, though not for good, but for a while.

Speaking about the restoration of the skin after insolation, one cannot ignore biorevitalization – one of the most popular methods in the world. With the help of biorevitalization, you can not only deeply moisturize the skin, but also return the skin texture to a healthy and fresh look. It also affects the growth of new collagen and elastin fibers, the reproductive abilities of fibroplasts and stimulates the production of all necessary vitamins, antioxidants and other trace elements that are responsible for skin nutrition and regeneration. If the budget allows, it makes sense to take a course of biorevitalization not only on the face and neck, but also in the decollete and in other parts of the body – the result will be beyond praise.

Mesotherapy of the head and deep hydration of the hair
Often after salty or chlorinated water the hair begins to fall out and break. Therefore, in the beginning of autumn it is recommended to undergo a course of mesotherapy of the head, which solves all problems with hair and scalp, including dandruff. To fully restore the health of your hair, you will need at least 15 sessions at weekly intervals.

Also, the hair does not interfere with additional hydration. Often, professional moisturizing preparations include lavender, peppermint and vegetable oils. After applying the hydrating composition, the hair is dried with a hairdryer and ironed so that the nutrients penetrate as deep as possible. It makes sense to go through the first procedure for deep cleansing and moisturizing your hair in the salon, and then, if desired, the master will help you get professional home care products.

Mesotherapy of the head
Laser coagulation
After the summer, many are upset with the discovery of dilated capillaries on their legs – another minus of the effect of ultraviolet radiation. Despite numerous advertising promises to rid you of this defect in one procedure and forever, eliminating vascular nets is not at all so simple. According to statistics, only 6% of people really confirm the disappearance of dilated capillaries after the first session. The rest will have to visit the specialist’s office more than once. But you should not neglect the capabilities of the laser – if you approach the matter patiently, the vascular networks will eventually disappear or at least fade.

To restore skin elasticity, wraps are the best. They are not able to quickly rid you of extra centimeters in volumes, but they can provide a pronounced lifting and hydration. Especially effective wraps with extracts from seaweed.

As we can see, the procedures that can save us from the annoying consequences of summer trips are more than enough, and all of them are very effective. It remains to make a choice and begin this pleasant and necessary work. The results are not long in coming.

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